Gadzinski Gregory, PhD

Gregory Gadzinski, PhD  – Panthera Solutions Senior Consultant, Finance Professor at the International University of Monaco

Dr. Gadzinski is a full-time professor of Finance and Economics at the International University of Monaco, trusted with teaching a wide range of courses in the DBA, MBA and MFIN programs. He was previously an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Chair for International Economics in Cologne, Germany.

Dr. Gadzinski was also a full-time researcher at the Hedge Fund Research Institute in Monaco. His consultancy experience includes mandates at ALPSTAR Management, a multi-strategy hedge fund and at the European Central bank, DG Research, Frankfurt, Germany.

Dr. Gadzinski has a PhD from the Université de la Méditerranée, France, a postgraduate degree in Mathematical Economics and Econometrics and a “Magistère Ingénieur Economiste” from the University Aix-Marseille II. Furthermore he was a pre-doc Marie- Curie fellow at the Center of Operation Research (CORE) at the University of Louvain-la- neuve in Belgium.

Dr Gadzinski has published several scientific articles in prestigious journals such as the Journal of Asset Management, the Journal of Hedge Funds and Derivatives, and the Journal of Investing.