Shareholders, Stakeholders and ESG – module C

09:00 - 13:00 CEST (registration 09:00-13:00)


  • Početak: 12.10.2023.
  • Cijena: 0,00 EUR / HRK
  • Popusti: - 10% na 3 i više prijavljenih iz istog društva - 20 % popusta studentima i nezaposlenima
  • Predavač: Morrow Sodali


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Module Summary:

Module C will address  the supervisory board’s role in relation to sustainability.

It will begin with a look at stakeholder engagement (with a particular focus on shareholders as a key stakeholder), including the supervisory board’s role and how to map stakeholders and assess their materiality to the company.

The remainder of the module will comprehensively cover many of the key aspects of sustainability that boards are facing. This will therefore include:

  • The role of the supervisory board in governing sustainability;
  • Key shareholder, stakeholder, and regulatory trends supervisory boards need to be aware of in ESG, both internationally and in Croatia;
  • How supervisory boards and their committees can be structured to effectively oversee their organisation’s sustainability practices;
  • How to ensure quality sustainability-related information flows to the board;
  • The key questions supervisory boards should ask their management board in relation to ESG, and the quality of interactions between them;
  • What sustainability-related KPIs the supervisory board should set for management board members, and how to incorporate this into their remuneration;
  • The role of the audit committee in sustainability disclosures;
  • Key disclosure requirements, including ESG reporting frameworks and legal and regulatory developments such as EBRD and HANFA ESG Guidelines, the EU Non-financial Reporting Directive, and the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive; and
  • The role of the Company Secretary and other individuals with responsibility for disclosures.

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