Module A – Overview of Corporate Governance

Module Summary:

This module will provide a summary of the corporate governance aspects most relevant to the supervisory boards of Croatian companies.

Part 1

An overview of supervisory boards and directors’ responsibilities, covering:

  • The respective roles of the supervisory board and the management board;
  • The key responsibilities of the supervisory board (including strategy oversight, risk, corporate culture, major capital expenditure, and public disclosures);
  • The legal duties of supervisory board members.

Part 2

Current developments in corporate governance, including:

  • Implications for companies of new and forthcoming EU and Croatian legislation, including the EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive and Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive;
  • HANFA’s expectations and observations of Croatian companies’ governance practices;
  • Investors’ expectations of Croatian companies, including in relation to ESG and sustainability.

Part 3

How to develop an effective supervisory board. This will include practical insights of company leaders in Croatia, covering:

  • The supervisory board’s skills profile and succession planning;
  • The role of the Chair;
  • Effective board dynamics;
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of the supervisory board’s functioning;
  • The role of key board committees.